H. Upmann Legacy

Ever since 1844, cigar lovers have been enjoying H. Upmann cigars, one of the premium cigar world’s best-known and most highly trusted brands.

Building on the heritage of this revered brand, H. Upmann Legacy brings new excitement to the contemporary aficionado with this line of modern, fuller-bodied smokes. Each cigar is meticulously hand-crafted with vintage 2008 tobaccos grown from heirloom seeds treasured for generations.

A dark, mountain grown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper surrounds a savory binder from the cloud-cooled rainforests of Nicaragua and an intense mix of prized Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos.

This exquisite blend results in a vibrant, fuller-bodied smoke complemented by a myriad of subtle and complex flavors unlike any H. Upmann before it.

Experience a modern legacy.


Arturo Fuente Cigars

Rocky Patel Cigars




-15th Anniversary Edition

Cohiba Cigars



– Crystal Cafe Maduro
– Churchill
– Robusto

Montecristo Cigars


Romeo Y Julieta Cigars

Savinelli Cigars


Savinelli originated in 1876 as a small workshop that produced high quality pipes.
For many years, the name Savinelli was famous in the pipe-smoking world as a
name that was associated with quality and an incredible attention to detail. In the
span of four generations, Savinelli evolved their small workshop into one of the
most modern pipe manufacturing factories in the world. Savinelli invented the
Balsa System in the 1980’s, which was a revolutionary new design in pipe making.
They used the success of their pipe business to parlay it into ventures into the
cigar world. The company had befriended many successful companies and master
blenders through the years and as a result, the cigars they wanted to produce had
to be of the highest quality.


ACID Cigars

ACID cigars are all-handcrafted using
the world’s finest tobaccos with over
140 botanicals, herbs and essential
oils to produce their unique flavor
and aroma. The only way to
understand ACID cigars is to
experience them. Rolled in
Connecticut, Sumatra, Maduro and
African wrappers (depending on the style you choose), like all Drew Estate cigars, the construction is flawless. Unlike any cigar you’ve ever smoked before or will ever smoke again. Just remember: It’s not a cigar – it’s an ACID.


Acid Blondie Natural cigars present 20 minutes of sweetness, followed by a robust, climactic finish. This delectable Petit Corona smokes smoothly with passionate notes of honey and cream, as its natural Connecticut Shade wrapper imbues an equally sweet aroma. One of the best in the Acid selection.

Kuba Kuba

Acid Kuba Kuba Natural cigars were the first ACID cigars instantly embraced by the country, and still the best-selling cigar in their ‘blue label’ series. Wrapped in a dark, oily and virtually seamless Sumatra wrapper, Kuba Kuba is the most aromatic of ACID cigars and among the most flavorful, too